Plenty of people remain unclear regarding dangers and the affects that exorbitant consumption of alcohol might have on the person physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Naturally, people realize that getting drunk can result in injuries and violence. It can even result in nausea, and death. You will find very serious health risks related to alcohol abuse. Probably the most serious possible side effect is ‘wet brain.’

Damp mind could be the popular name given to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Wet Brain may be the consequence of thiamine deficiency because of alcoholism and the malnourishment. Its’ signs include, changes in perspective, involuntary muscle movement and severely impaired memory. Thiamin is important for energy production for proper neuron function. If thiamin levels are very low, the neurons may both become damaged or die. It’s a form of dementia. It is incurable if it has reached the chronic state. Allow neglected it could bring about death.

A number of the apparent symptoms of wet brain include:

* Staggering and unpleasant walking

* Loss of muscle coordination

* Confabulation — the remembering of events which have not occurred.. Imagined memories

* Lack of ability to form new memories — short-term memory loss

* Long term memory loss

* Both visual and auditory hallucinations

* Changes in vision — double vision, eyelid drooping, ab-normal eye movements

* Speech dilemmas

* Difficulty swallowing

People who do encourage ‘wet brain’ can get treatment. The treatments for this horrible brain injury usually include the administration of thiamine and abstinence from alcohol to counter-balance and overcome the effects of the alcohol. And also, time is believed to be one of the only ways for those who have suffered from ‘damp mind’ to begin to heal. Nevertheless, complete recovery from ‘damp head’ is very unlikely.

When the condition is identified, the in-patient must be hospitalized for treatment as soon as possible. Thiamin alternative may help reduce some symptoms, such as for example muscle control problems and vision problems. It will not do much to assist with awareness and memory loss. Complete recovery from the long and short term memory loss and hallucinations is not usually possible when they have started. It is vital that you start thiamin therapy when possible to avoid the results from getting worse. To prevent the symptoms from worsening, total abstinence from alcohol and a healthier diet are needed. It’ll bring about death if wet mind is left untreated.